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Мотоцикл VICTORIA - KR35SS. 1938/1939.
The motorcicle has been driven in races by PSRS spora meistars Arturs Pops (1945-1946), Voldemārs Vlasovs (1947).

Мотоцикл BMW-R51 SS. 1939.

Мотоцикл VELOCETTE KSS350. 1939.
The motorcicle has been driven in races by Francis Purvens (1946), PSRS spora meistars Arturs Pops (1947).


Мотоцикл EKE - 1 AR BLAKUSVĀĢI. 1952.
The motorcycle has been used in order to set new records in short distances.


Мотоцикл СТРЕЛА М-63С. 1970.


Мотоцикл JAWA 500 DT mod. 890. 1976.

Мотоцикл ИЖ 6 218. 1988.

AUTO UNION V-16. 1938.
Under supervision of Dr. Robert Eberan von Eberhorst a specially built car for mountain climbig copetitions. The car was built on D-type chasis powered by prof. Ferdinand Porche designed 6-litre V-16 cyl. C-type supercharged engine.
In 1939 H. J. Stuck won La Turbie competition in France and the second place on Grossglockner track in Austria. The racer H. P. Müller was lucky on mountain roads in Kohlenberg outside Vienna and the Grossglockner.
In 1945 from Zwickau Aut Union racing cars were conveyed to Moscow for investigation of technology. In 1976 in moscow ZIL factory the racing car was scheduled for cutting in scrap metal. Victor Kulbergs, President of Antique Automobile Club of Latvia, saved the car from destruction and delivered it to Riga.
In 1997 the racing car was totally rebuilt by Crosthwite & Gardiner England.
Fuel consumption 60 l / 100 km.


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