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Велосипеды и мопеды Рига, Дельта, Мини.

К-4А. 1958.

Пионер-2М. 1961.
The first Soviet turbo-engined recordbreaker, made in Moscow in 1961 under the guidance of I.Tichomirov.
The car's two turbo-engines are placed on both sides near the drivers seat. The body is made of aluminium, the wheels - of magnesium fusion.
Pioneer-2M was the fastest car in Soviet Union at that time.
In 1963 the sportsman and engineer J.Tihomirov picked up a speed of 311, 419 km/h driving on Baskunchak salt-lake.

ЗИЛ-112С. 1962.
Sports car, two-seater, made in Moscow automobile factory.
For the first time in Russian sports-car building a lot of technical novelties such as controlled slip differential, disc brakes, radial- ply tyres, etc. were used.
The car had several modifications, its 8 cylinders engine picking up even 300 HP.
From 1963 to 1965 five all-Union records have been set in racetrack.


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