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ARW (Aerodymanic-Research-Volkswagen). 1980.
The car has been specially built as an object of aerodynamic research of company VW to investigate the connection between body shape and fuel consumption at high speeds.
An improved engine and standard gearbox have been used. The body is made of aluminium and plastic.
The prefectly streamlined body permits to diminish the full consumption to only 6 l per 100 km/h.
The car has set 2 world records and 6 records of its class.

Mootorratas BSA.

AMERICAN La FRANCE typ 12 "Sinmplex" asv. 1914.

In the 20th AMILCAR automobiles were extremely popular among young and sportive drivers.
In 1934 racer and yachtsman Eugen Kansky took part in Monte-Carlo "star race" with this car.
In 1927. E. Kansky worked for company AMILCAR but after the war turned to yachting and became the champion of the USSR for 16 times.
The car was found in 1974 quite rebuilt and have been restored.

Mootorratas KIEVLJANIN K1V (КИЕВЛЯНИН К1В). 1951.

SZA-M (СЗА-М). 1967.

"Zaporozec" ZAZ-965 ("ЗАПОРОЖЕЦ" ЗАЗ-965). 1962.
The first Soviet standard-design micro car with air-cooled engine located at the rear part of the car.
With simple construction and easy to use, rather cheap, it soon gained popularity and was the most affordable car for the citizens of the USSR.

"Zaporozec" ZAZ-966V ("ЗАПОРОЖЕЦ" ЗАЗ-966В). 1962.
A comfortable and elegant micro passenger car with an air-cooled angine located in the rear part of the car, integrated with gearbox and rear axle.

VJATKA-MG150P (Вятка-МГ150П). 1967.

VJATKA-VP150 (Вятка-ВП150). 1960.

TULA-T200 (ТУЛА-Т200). 1959.


GAZ 24-02 "VOLGA" (ГАЗ 24-02 "ВОЛГА"). 1983.

VAZ-2103 "ZIGULI" (ВАЗ-2103 "ЖИГУЛИ"). 1973.

VAZ-2102 "ZIGULI" (ВАЗ-2102 "ЖИГУЛИ"). 1974.

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